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Member of the Chen Xiao Wang World Tai Chi Chuan Association and the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Bristol Tai Chi Memeber of World Chen Tai Chi Assoication © Bristol School of Tai Chi Bristol Tai Chi and Banbury Tai Chi

I have been studying/practicing Chen style Tai Chi since I was thirteen (2003). I enjoy every aspect of the art and love the fact that whatever kind of day you’re having, Tai Chi always helps!

There are many reasons why I enjoy Tai Chi; for exercise and health, for mind-body harmony, for physical strength, for martial skill etc. However, one of the main reasons why I love Tai Chi is knowing that there will never be a day when I have completed it! Because there is no “completion”, each time I practice I can pick a different aspect to focus on and just enjoy it.

In 2010 I competed in the London Competition for Traditional Tai Chi Chuan and won Gold for my spear form, making me London Tai Chi Spear Champion 2010!

I have been studying with Ben Milton and the Bristol School of

Banbury School of Tai Chi

Tai Chi since 2003 and received my instructor qualification in July 2013.

Being a teacher by profession I understand that everyone learns in different ways. As such, my classes reflect this by being open and friendly places. I am also able to tailor the teaching and learning to match the needs of every learner so that everyone feels able to participate and reap the rewards of Tai Chi.

Contact details: 0753 3203497 email: banburytaichi@gmail.com

Class details: TBA