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Member of the Chen Xiao Wang World Tai Chi Chuan Association and the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

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I have practiced Tai Chi since 1999. I started with Wu style Tai Chi in London, Sheffield and Germany where I qualified to teach in 2007. I moved to Bristol in 2010 and started Chen style Tai Chi with the Bristol School of Tai Chi.

I got hooked on Tai Chi in my first couple of lessons, what has kept me coming back is the variety and depth Tai Chi has and more so when coupled with Chi Kung (qigong), there is Sword, Spear and Push Hands the scope for what you can learn never stops. For me it's not just a hobby or past time it’s a long term commitment and a way of life.

I enjoy teaching and seeing others benefit from the work, so much so that I also have several other interests.

Finding Stillness with Gary Ellis

I have practiced Chi Kung since 2004 originally through my Wu Tai Chi teacher. I then went on to the Elemental College of Chi Kung in London and qualified as a Chi Kung teacher in 2010 and subsequently on to an advanced level.

I now also practice Chen style Chi Kung exercises. The Chen Tai Chi basics include Reeling Silk and Standing Meditation which are also excellent Chi Kung practices.

I have a deep interest and love of working with all forms of energy work. Reiki is something I started studying and practicing in 2009. I am qualified as a level 2 practitioner. 

Through personal trauma I started to look at other practices and found Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I'm so pleased I did because it has turned my life around and I have seen how NLP can work with my other practices to enhance the experience for those I teach. I qualified as a practitioner in November 2012.

Each of these practices looks after body and mind and focuses on being in the present moment which is for me extremely important. With this comes a calmness and stillness (mindfulness) and the reason behind why I started Finding stillness.

Bristol Tai Chi and Gary Ellis