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Member of the Chen Xiao Wang World Tai Chi Chuan Association and the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Bristol Tai Chi Memeber of World Chen Tai Chi Assoication © Bristol School of Tai Chi

The Bristol School of Tai Chi and association was formed in 1995 and offers courses in Chen style Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gung and other aspects of the Chinese internal arts. The school follows a traditional Chinese approach to teaching.

Ben Milton, the chief instructor (full time), has been practising Tai Chi for thirty five years and is widely known in the UK and overseas. He continues to study Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong with Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang. He is a direct linage 20th generation disciple of Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang, and holder of a 5th degree Duan Wei from the Chinese Wushu Association.

The school is continuously working with International teachers of the highest calibre in an endeavour to ensure access to authentic Tai Chi for enthusiasts in the UK.

Tai Chi is a simple exercise, which can be beneficial to everyone, old and young alike. Taking the established wisdom of the Chinese over four centuries the techniques of Tai Chi seek to establish a balanced and relaxed body structure. Many people suffer from poor posture and could benefit from an increased awareness of their body. Tai Chi exercises aim to redress the imbalances by improving the co-ordination and structure of the body.

In the first few months of study and practice of Tai Chi, the practitioner becomes increasingly aware of the improvement in the movement and control of the body. Practice of Tai Chi can help to reduce stress and some minor physical problems like backache and weak joints. It has been known for a long time that Tai Chi has positive health implications and that the exercises improve both mental and physical disposition.

Many students study Tai Chi for its excellent health benefits alone. For students also interested in the martial arts there are also opportunities to study this side of the art. Typically the classes cover Chen Tai Chi Basics (including Chi Kung) and short from in the 1st class, the 2nd class covers long form as well as traditional weapons forms. The weapons and push hands are taught in a separate class.

Bristol Tai Chi Group Class

The schools curriculum covers

the following :

6 warm up exercises
Standing Chi Kung
Silk Reeling Exercise
6 Healing Sounds Chi Kung
Yin Yang Chi Kung
Chen Tai Chi Chuan 19 step form
Chen Tai Chi Chuan 38 step form
Chen Tai Chi Chuan Laojia Yilu
Chen Tai Chi Chuan Laojia Erlu
Chen Tai Chi Chuan Xinjia Yilu
Tai Chi Broad Sword
Tai Chi Straight Sword
Tai Chi Guandao
Tai Chi Spear
Tai Chi Double Broad Sword
5 sorts Push Hand
Push Hand applications (chin na)

Welcome to our Tai Chi school and association